We provide software solutions in many field such as Classic Web, Web Applications, E-commerce, Windows OS Desktop, Arduino home projects, with a bunch of ninja tools that will make them run smooth and flawless

Code it

Here we like to code, we don't use shortcuts. We use super cool UI themes and clever libraries to help us getting our thing done, I mean, if you really want a web space or an application which perfectly fits your size then you should go for the code.


Devise it

Divide the roadmap to your software goals into tasks (and most importantly sub-tasks); they will help you being tidy and productive both with your ideas and your actions, letting you follow a helpful timeline to get all your tasks done in time.


Build it

If you choose the two descriptions before as your own truth, then you'll enjoy your software productions without any further stress, the code will be beautiful. Your software product will be tailor made for you and you will help to build a better software world.

Here is our team

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Lorenzo Bertini
Software Engineer

Full time - Full stack developer, with a special love for frontend web development. Laidback but active, snowboard and skateboard addicted, who knows what's gonna happen down the road?

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Paolo Comensoli
Data Scientist

Data Science student at University of Milano Bicocca and .NET backend developer. He defines himself as the king of C# 👑

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He is a beast. No one can stop him. He has no master. Freedom. Simon is a dog where dog.exe stopped working long time ago, but we still love him like the first day!

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She is the best. She listens to you. She is loyal. A real shepard within these mountains... Misa is the real example of a well educated dog that helps you being productive and fit!

Work with us

If you need anything, want to team up, have any software request or just had a great idea but don't know how to build it, well... just drop an mail at this address: